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Harnessing the Power of Intrinsic Motivation for HNW Clients

Joining a co-ed soccer league. Learning to say beautiful words in Italian. Improving your woodworking skills. Starting a garage band with the neighbors. Re-reading all the Harry Potter books in order. What do all of these things have in common? They're fueled by intrinsic motivation. According to Healthline, intrinsic motivation is "the act of doing something without any obvious external rewards." These are things you choose to do merely because you enjoy them, not because of any outside incentive or pressure. So how does that apply to investing? Positivly created the Financial Personality Assessment based on [...]

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Financial Advisors: Ace Your Year End Reviews in 3 Easy Steps

The holidays are coming and you’re looking forward to a chance to recharge and enjoy friends and family. But for most financial advisors, it’s time to prepare for year-end reviews. Looking to hit the ground running in the new year? Below are three tips for acing your annual reviews. Tip 1: Deploy Technology for EfficiencyAs you use your year-end meetings as an opportunity to collect data points and insights for planning and analysis for the year ahead, consider automating your data capture with technology. This allows you to ensure you’re not missing or forgetting anything. Most importantly, it [...]

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3Q21 Positivly Personality Trends

Once end-investors take the Positvly Financial Personality Assessment, we're able to learn about their interests and leanings. Below are trends we observed from the third quarter of 2021, including what topics are trending within each personality dimension. Financial advisors can use this knowledge to have more nuanced conversations with prospects and clients. You can then use this knowledge to create personalized portfolios that support unique preferences. Viewpoints personalities like to gain the intellectual satisfaction of getting things right. Example Fund: Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce (EMQQ)* Purpose personalities seek to find a deeper sense of meaning [...]

Personalization: An Imperative With Ultra High Net Worth Clients

As clients become more discerning with their expectations for service and personalization, it’s no surprise that highly coveted Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients may be even more so.  UHNW clients have a myriad of options where to invest their assets and the nuances of each relationship matter. Hyper-personalization can be a powerful driver when working with these most selective clients. According to Capgemini, “A hyper-personalized wealth management client journey is becoming table stakes.”  Analysis from the World Wealth Report supports this statement further, revealing that HNW individuals are “least satisfied with their [wealth management] firm’s [...]

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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Direct Indexing

You’ve heard of direct indexing, and some supporters have gone so far as to say it’s the future of investing. While it’s largely accepted that personalization is critical, what does direct indexing really mean, and how can a smaller practice achieve it at scale? It’s no secret that over the last decade, passive investing has grown exponentially. At the same time, investors have demanded the ability to express their personal values through their investments, and tax management has become an important component of demonstrating value in portfolio management. Direct indexing may be a way of “having [...]

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Retirement Income Planning: Develop a Plan in Four Easy Steps

You may think you’re prepared for retirement by having a retirement savings account, but have you developed a retirement income plan? Here’s what you need to know to ensure a comfortable retirement.  Much has been written about how to save for retirement. It’s harder to find information on what to do when you’re ready to retire and need to start drawing on your investments to supplement your income. It is something you should carefully plan for, and that planning will benefit you whether retirement is around the corner or still many years away. Here you will [...]

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