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Investing in Tech: A Primer

Investing in the latest technology can bear fruit – but brings risk. Ever wish you’d bought Apple stock in 1980?  When the tech giant went public at $22 a share, cordless phones had barely been invented and fax machines were standard office equipment. Investing in a California company that made something called a “personal computer” was a gamble.  Yet investors who are early adopters of the latest gadgets often relish this opportunity when building a portfolio. Known as Viewpoints investors, they embrace the chance to help change the world by furthering new technologies such as green [...]

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How Positive Psychology Is Moving From The Fitness Industry To Financial Services

What can the financial services industry learn about loyalty and engagement from the world of fitness? More than you might expect. The fitness industry, specifically brands like Peloton and Noom, have embraced the principles of positive psychology to change the way people approach working out and weight loss. Instead of considering fitness a means to lose weight, positive psychology reframes the relationship between people, their diet, and their fitness, to be goal-oriented and fulfilling. Now the practice of positive psychology is working its way from the fitness industry to financial services. What Is Positive Psychology? Positive psychology is the [...]

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How Financial Advisors Can Create Custom Client Experiences From Day One

In a world where everything around us is becoming automated and accessible, whether it be face recognition, product recommendations, or even a “We think you might like” playlist on Spotify, consumers are becoming accustomed to hyper-personalized experiences. Creating a custom experience keeps clients engaged, increasing their satisfaction and the odds that they will return.  For financial advisors, having a strong relationship with your client is critical to enable honest, holistic conversations about risk, financial goals, and appropriate investment solutions. In addition to understanding client attitudes towards investing and appetite for risk, you should know what motivates each client’s financial [...]

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Helping Clients Understand Volatility

A little under a month ago the VIX spiked dramatically due to bitcoin reverberations in tech markets and macro inflation trends, and it's trending upward again. Many investors get wary and want to pull out of the market in these times, but guiding them through them is critical to a personal connection. Clients need to first be assured that these gyrations can be normal or even healthy in an economic recovery, particularly the brief one we have seen in response to Covid. The long-drawn-out recovery of 2008 had less volatility because policymakers reacted slowly. The fast reaction by the [...]

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How to Build a Relationship With the Next Generation of Clients

The next generation of investors want diversity and green investments, but how do they want that delivered? Advisors need to understand what young investors' goals aren’t: retirement, tax, estate planning, etc. And what they are: college loan repayment, travel, and lifestyle design. They need advice centered around big financial decisions as well, such as homes, marriage, and new families. They also want to work with advisors in similar age demographics or that can at least demonstrate they understand millennials. Gen X and Y also are the internet generations so they want to interact and interface that way. Tactics that target [...]

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Trust is Still the Catalyst for Client Connection

A new generation of clients always brings a new set of needs to the table, and as much as technical features and analytics are important; trust is the key to client retention and growth. A study by Vanguard found that 94% of clients were likely to make a referral if they highly trusted their advisors. However, building that trust can be difficult, but financially tumultuous times present an opportunity to grow that trust. Advisors should reiterate their understanding of their client's goals when uncertainty is at play, such as reiterating security for older investors or calming younger clients through their [...]

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