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A Conversation with Swan Global Investments: What Investors Should Know About Hedged Equity

With the myriad of different products and strategies related to investing, there’s plenty that investors may not be aware of. One example would be hedged equity. While most investors will know what hedging and equities are, we sat down with Swan Global Investments, creators of the Swan Hedged Equity US Large Cap ETF (HEGD), to learn more about what exactly Hedged Equity together means. Built upon a process launched in 1997, the Swan Hedged Equity US Large Cap ETF (HEGD) seeks long-term capital appreciation while mitigating overall market risk.  Positivly: So what, really, is hedged equity? [...]

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5 Steps to Help You Find the Right Financial Advisor

Working with someone who matches your financial personality is key. Few partnerships may be more important in your life than the one you have with the advisor who helps determine your financial future and plan for retirement. And like any relationship, it’s important to set your standards when finding a compatible partner. Looking for a long-term relationship? Here are five simple steps you can take to make sure you find “the one.” You don’t have to go about it alone.  Much as you would with contractors doing work on your home, referrals can make a big [...]

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5 Reasons Why Working with a Financial Advisor Pays Off

Investing on your own may not be the best option for critical life goals. Today, investing on your own is easier than ever. But is do-it-yourself the best approach for you? Before you embark on this journey solo, consider the key benefits that can be gained from working with a professional advisor. Benefit from their expertise and time Even if you devour the latest in financial news and your TV is constantly tuned to the financial networks, it’s hard to compete with the professionals when it comes to access and depth of information, and the time [...]

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3 Things You Should Know about the FIRE Movement

You’ve likely heard of it, but may be asking yourself what FIRE actually is, and if it makes sense within your financial future. As the Millennial and Gen Z generations continue to shift their perspectives on work and happiness, the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement has… well… been spreading like wildfire. Here are 3 things you should know before you consider a FIRE approach to your retirement.  FIRE means saving aggressively.  The lure of retiring when you’re young and spending the greater part of your life exploring the world or pursuing your hobbies may be [...]

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3Q21 Positivly Personality Trends

Once end-investors take the Positvly Financial Personality Assessment, we're able to learn about their interests and leanings. Below are trends we observed from the third quarter of 2021, including what topics are trending within each personality dimension. Financial advisors can use this knowledge to have more nuanced conversations with prospects and clients. You can then use this knowledge to create personalized portfolios that support unique preferences. Viewpoints personalities like to gain the intellectual satisfaction of getting things right. Example Fund: Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce (EMQQ)* Purpose personalities seek to find a deeper sense of meaning [...]

Retirement Income Planning: Develop a Plan in Four Easy Steps

You may think you’re prepared for retirement by having a retirement savings account, but have you developed a retirement income plan? Here’s what you need to know to ensure a comfortable retirement.  Much has been written about how to save for retirement. It’s harder to find information on what to do when you’re ready to retire and need to start drawing on your investments to supplement your income. It is something you should carefully plan for, and that planning will benefit you whether retirement is around the corner or still many years away. Here you will [...]

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