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Personalize or Perish: Why Personalization is Key for Financial Advisors

Personalization is key to compete in a crowded marketplace. While personalization was once a “nice to have,” providing a personalized experience has become essential to remaining relevant in a competitive marketplace where clients expect more than ever.  For financial advisors, the stakes are even higher. As investors are increasingly turning to new robo technology or passive index-based investing, what can really make a difference is the ability to provide an elevated service offering. And by making certain robots your ally, it may be easier to capture business in a way that is scalable and allows your [...]

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Purpose-Driven Investing is More than Just a Score

Socially responsible investing and impact investing are creating a paradigm shift for many investors. Investors are wary of fossil fuels, weapons, and tobacco companies, and are incorporating solutions-based approaches that focus on the environment and social factors. The growth has shown up numerically as SRI has grown from a $2 trillion industry in 2004 to a $17 trillion industry in 2020, according to the US Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. This is driven by the 85% of millennials who believe their investment decisions impact climate change and 71% of the general public who think the [...]

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Underserved Female Clients Want Personal Impact Investment Experiences

Female investors are shifting into a more prominent role in the financial landscape and looking for a more personalized investment experience. In a recent study by McKinsey and Company, as women invest for themselves and inherit the wealth of their partners they are expected to control $30 trillion in financial assets by 2030. Additionally, 7 in 10 women choose a new advisor after their partner's death.  Female investors look for transparency but even more importantly they seek technology that allows for portfolio personalization and customization. Personal values are more important in their decision-making process as well, [...]

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What The Inflation Scare Means For Impact Investing

The latest Consumer Price Index jump was more than a scare, the 5% headline inflation was the sharpest rise since 2008. It has put pressure on financial markets as many are concerned the inflation may not be transitory. Inflation tends to put pressure on businesses dependent on future cash flows which could be hard for companies tied to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investing. However, this thinking could be backward. ESG and impact initiatives are center stage, drawing in all the attention and perhaps even driving prices higher. Banks need ESG to be a focus for many [...]

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Save The Stock Pickers From Themselves

The investing world has opened up to a lot of new people, and the information age has unearthed a new wave of influence on investors. Clients are barraged with new stock information, colluding on Reddit around single stocks, or buying in at an inopportune time for Bitcoin. Many investors are convinced they are a meme trade or perfect pick away from getting rich, but in reality single stock picks hurt the average investor. You might not want to be the one who is a buzzkill on the fun, but creating a tactical plan can help investors [...]

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Positivly’s 2020 Study Of Financial Personalities Of Americans

In Q2 2020, more than 500 U.S. adults took the Positivly financial personality test. The group was formed based on census percentages for representation along dimensions of age, gender, ethnicity, household income, and region to provide a nationally representative sample. This panel of participants was administered by leading data insights platform Dynata. Click here to download the full report

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