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Connecting Asset Managers to both investors and advisors through precision targeting at the exact moment of interest. Asset Managers gain direct and timely insight into investor trends and preferences.

Become a Positivly Asset Manager Sponsor

  • Secure prominent and contextually relevant placement of your fund in advisor proposals, financial media and digital marketing

  • Drive measurable pre-trade actions that increase asset flows

  • Build market and brand awareness in your thematic category

  • Claim your theme before competitors, with guaranteed exclusivity and right of first refusal

  • Receive insights and analytics reports related to advisors and investors

  • Access additional marketing and promotion of 2+ funds with Amplify Marketing Program

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Meet Investors Where They Are With Precise And Personalized Fund Distribution

Today’s investors want to make an impact with their money, especially digital-savvy millennials who are beginning to benefit from intergenerational wealth transfer. Others have strong viewpoints about investing in important global trends. And others seek to manage risk with a focus on security in their investment strategy.

The Positivly assessment connects your thematic funds with investors and the advisors working with all of them.

No other sponsorship or advertising can feature your fund at the precise moment when investors are discovering their investing values and viewpoints. This is when they are mostly likely to consider buying your fund.

Using positive psychology, investment science and proprietary algorithms, the Positivly framework evaluates an investor’s financial personality in four dimensions:

Purpose Investor


Invest to find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

Security Investor


Help your clients invest to secure financial future with a risk adjusted lens.

Touch Investors


Personalize communication based on the client’s desire to build and maintain relationships.

Viewpoint Icon


Help your clients find excitement by investing based on how they see the future unfolding.

Tap Into The Potential of Personality-Aligned Portfolios

Tap The Potential of Personality-
Aligned Portfolios

Raise awareness, build consideration, drive conversion.

Traditional fund distribution alone is no longer sufficient or cost effective.  Positivly gives Asset Managers the ability to efficiently navigate fragmented and crowded channels in order to connect with both investors and advisors, build product awareness and drive fund inflows.

Advisors build portfolios for their clients on Positivly thereby driving asset flows into the funds of our Asset Manager sponsors.

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Growth of investors engaged with Positivly’s assessments and content.

Over 220,000 investor
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See Investor Trends Before They Emerge

With robust insights from Positivly’s AI-driven personalization, Asset Managers gain access to critical market intelligence about investors.

Mean Personality Scores by Quarter

Mean Personality Scores by Quarter

Purpose: Top Themes

Purpose: Top Themes

Viewpoints: Top Themes

Viewpoints: Top Themes

Security: Top Themes

Security: Top Themes

*As of September 15, 2021

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