Grow your practice through efficient personalization

Advisors have historically only been able to customize based on risk and planning goals.

What if you could also add personalization based on client beliefs and personality?

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Gain a Full Picture of Your Clients

Positivly is an AI-driven advice personalization platform designed to help advisors efficiently drive new client growth and deepen relationships with existing clients. We help advisors discover every client’s unique financial personality, unlocking hyper-personalized proposals and portfolios.

How Does It Work?

Benefits to Wealth Management Firms:

  • Maintain Oversight and 
Compliance At Scale

  • Customize Solutions To Your Brand

  • Drive Flows Into Your Home Office Models

  • Recruit New Advisors Through Best-In-Class Technology

  • Provide Insights Far Beyond a Simple Risk Assessment

Better Understanding, Better Outcomes

Four dominant traits define every client’s financial personality. By learning what drives their decisions and what they care about, you can create personalized portfolios and happier clients.

Purpose Investor


Purpose Investors want to have a positive impact on the world through ethical and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) as well as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) companies.

Security Investor


Security Investors want to protect their portfolio by investing in commodities, real estate, and precious metals that show steady growth without much risk.

Touch Investors


Touch investors have a strong desire for meaningful relationships. Touch is all about the how, why and what of relationships interacting with investors.

Viewpoint Icon


Viewpoint Investors want to test their knowledge of emerging trends that are shaping the future like AI, VR, robotics, cannabis, or even China and India-based companies.

Plan For Growth With Positivly

Attract, Convert, & Retain Net New Assets

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Need a client profile that includes comprehensive risk assessment?

Get embedded risk profiling
from Totum by TIFIN

Positivly intelligently scores risk preference, risk capacity, and portfolio risk powered by Totum by TIFIN. Risk integrated with financial personality through our full platform enables you to build holistic and personalized portfolios while minimizing compliance risk.

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