How Can You Personalize Without Knowing An Individual’s Personality?

Positivly is an end-to-end personalized advice platform to drive growth for advisors. Learn the unique financial mindset of clients and prospects, what drives their decisions, and what they care about most.

We Help You Profile On Four Personality Dimensions To Create Better Client Outcomes

Purpose--invest to find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.


Touch--link investing and our desire for meaningful relationships.


Security--invest to provide physical security and peace of mind.


Viewpoints--Invest in themes you see changing the world.

Drive Engagement Through Hyper-Personalized Portfolios


Gain Actionable Next Steps For Delivering A Personalized Experience

  • Automatically match custom portfolios or firm models to dominant personality traits
  • Get insight and recommendations on the thematics a client cares about most for enhanced personalization 

Find Prospects Compatible To Your Personality

Better Understand Prospects, Drive More Conversions

Positivly connects advisors with prospects based on compatible financial personality, leading to higher conversion rates.


Embedded Risk Profiling From Totum


Combine Risk Assessment With Financial Personality

Build a compliant practice with better client engagement. Positivly offers a comprehensive fact-based risk assessment framework powered by Totum Risk. Fully integrated with your clients’ personalities, build and propose personalized portfolios while minimizing compliance risk. Totum is available as an add-on to the assessment plan and included for FREE on the full version of Positivly.

How Much Does It Cost?

Positivly subscriptions start at $250/mo.