Advisor Academy

At Positivly, our mission is to help you grow your business and have happier clients. In our Advisor Academy, we share education and tips to help you get there.

Lifecycle Infographic

People’s priorities and views toward investing change throughout their lives. Learn about which phases may require a realignment.

Financial Personality Study

Learn more about the science behind the PSTV framework and the relative scoring system used to understand which dimensions are most important to an investor.

Change Finance PBC Podcast

Learn about what drives the socially and environmentally conscious investor on Change Finance’s PBC’s podcast “The ESG Update.”

ROI Driver Series: Prospecting

Read how Positivly can help advisors prospect more effectively.

ROI Driver Series: Conversion

Read how Positivly may help drive a higher rate of client conversions.

ROI Driver Series: Held Away Assets

Are you missing out on held away assets? Learn how the Financial Personality Assessment can help you discover and capture investments held elsewhere.

ROI Driver Series: Retention

Retain more clients with tips on how to use the Positivly platform.

ROI Drivers Series: Referrals

Driving new referrals is easy through the Positivly platform. Learn how.