We are scientists, psychologists, wealth managers and technologists.

Our team came together on a shared mission: to make investing more engaging, relatable and—dare we say it—emotionally intelligent.

Iain Gillespie

Co-Founder & CEO

As a kid, Iain’s mother—a child psychologist—would have a fun quiz or study for him and his brother to try at the dinner table. He loved these engaging routes to self-discovery. Since growing up, he’s spent 8 years in strategy roles for investment managers, building web applications by night. Positivly was a way to take his child-hood curiosity for psychology and apply it to the world of investing.

Dr Vinay Nair


Vinay has always sought to challenge the status quo in investing. He has founded numerous companies linking investments and technology (55ip, Magnifi, MIO) as well as running a quantitative hedge fund (Ada Investments). As a teacher at Wharton and MIT he focuses on venture capital, private equity and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about the power financial markets have to effect change in the world and in 2008 authored “Investing for Change”.

Dr Tal Ben-Shahar

Founding Advisor

Tal has dedicated his life to studying happiness and how to enhance our wealth in the “ultimate currency”. He has over 20 years experience as a teacher, writer and entrepreneur in the areas of positive psychology and leadership. He taught the most popular class at Harvard. He has written several best-selling books including ‘Happier’ (2007) and ‘The Joy of Leadership’ (2017).