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Financial Advisors: Ace Your Year End Reviews in 3 Easy Steps

The holidays are coming and you’re looking forward to a chance to recharge and enjoy friends and family. But for most financial advisors, it’s time to prepare for year-end reviews. Looking to hit the ground running in the new year? Below are three tips for acing your annual reviews. 

Tip 1: Deploy Technology for Efficiency

As you use your year-end meetings as an opportunity to collect data points and insights for planning and analysis for the year ahead, consider automating your data capture with technology. This allows you to ensure you’re not missing or forgetting anything. Most importantly, it allows you to do this more quickly and efficiently than if you’re just taking notes at each meeting.

Positivly Hack: Send your clients the Financial Personality Assessment prior to each year-end meeting. Discuss your findings when you meet with your client.

See that they have a passion for cryptocurrency but no investments with your practice that reflect that interest? Capture held-away assets by talking to them about crypto ETFs as a potentially less risky way to express their viewpoints than investing directly in a volatile asset class.

This may be an interest area for investors with a high Viewspoints score in their financial personality assessment. An example of a Viewpoints fund would be the ALPS Medical Breakthroughs ETF (SBIO)*

Tip 2: Communicate More Effectively 

With new year resolutions underway and tax season coming up, many clients want to meet early in the first quarter to make sure they are in good shape for the year. This is also an opportunity to capture information at scale.

Positivly Hack: To understand more about how your client chooses to interact with you, take a look at their financial personality Touch score. Touch tells you how often and how they prefer to communicate. This helps you elevate your service level by following the Platinum Rule of “Treat others the way THEY want to be treated.”

Tip 3: Take a Modern Approach to Prospecting 

Maybe you’re still pushing to reach your relationship and AUM goals for the year. Give yourself time back to enjoy the holidays by taking a more modern approach.

Positivly Hack: Reach relationship goals by posting your unique Financial Personality Assessment link to your LinkedIn and sending an email to prospects. This actionable intelligence can help you have more informed conversations early on in your relationship, leading to higher conversions.

You can also grow your referrals by asking your most satisfied clients to share the link to help you gain referrals for the new year.

Either way, the more you know, the better. Having more information on what makes your clients unique allows you to continuously optimize your portfolios, capture held-away assets, and more. The result: happier clients. 

*Sponsored Fund

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