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How Financial Advisors Can Create Custom Client Experiences From Day One

In a world where everything around us is becoming automated and accessible, whether it be face recognition, product recommendations, or even a “We think you might like” playlist on Spotify, consumers are becoming accustomed to hyper-personalized experiences. Creating a custom experience keeps clients engaged, increasing their satisfaction and the odds that they will return. 

For financial advisors, having a strong relationship with your client is critical to enable honest, holistic conversations about risk, financial goals, and appropriate investment solutions. In addition to understanding client attitudes towards investing and appetite for risk, you should know what motivates each client’s financial decisions, what their values are, what they are passionate about, and their preferred means of communication, just to name a few. Discovery questionnaires can help, but to deliver consumers the tailored experience they expect soon after engaging with a new product or service, you’ll need to embrace technology tools that help you get to know your clients deeply, and quickly, in a way that translates into actionable insights for you.   

Leveraging Technology to Deepen Client Relationships

At Positivly, our three-minute financial personality assessment uses artificial intelligence and positive psychology to assign each user a score using four key factors:

  • Purpose – invest to find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • Viewpoints – invest in themes you see changing the world
  • Touch – link investing and our desire for meaningful relationships
  • Security – invest to provide physical security and peace of mind

Positivly redirects the narrative of investing by aligning the client’s values to their portfolio, which creates and sustains engagement down the road and makes investing more human. The results create a roadmap for conversations between advisors and their clients and prospects, starting with what matters most to each client, and going deeper, for a truly personalized experience. Positivly has found that personalized results coupled with an investment strategy that aligns with each client’s values and goals is the key to maintaining long-term successful advisor-client relationships

How to Find Your Ideal Clients

In addition to creating personal connections between investors and their investments, Positivly can match advisors and investors who share similar financial personality traits. Connecting with individuals who share your world view and  investment style increases the likelihood of making meaningful connections and building a mutually rewarding relationship. People tend to do business with individuals they like; and investors choose financial advisors based on trust. Starting a relationship knowing that both advisor and investor share financial personality traits goes a long way toward building rapport and trust.  

With the Positivly platform, advisors can adopt technology powered by positive psychology and artificial intelligence to drive customer satisfaction and deliver hyper-personalized portfolios. Similar to companies like Peloton and Spotify, Positivly’s framework not only fosters engagement, but also aims to align investors, advisors, and investment solutions for a thoroughly personalized investment experience.

The future of financial advice goes beyond holistic conversations about risk and financial goals to a place where investors see their values and viewpoints reflected in their portfolios. Positivly empowers advisors and investors to seamlessly connect based on their investing approach and style, and start discussions with the most relevant investment ideas.  The pace of technology, and investors, won’t wait. Put the power of the Positivly platform to work for you. Go beyond cookie-cutter portfolios to a brighter, more personalized future. Request a Demo of Positivly and take the assessment.

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