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Save The Stock Pickers From Themselves

The investing world has opened up to a lot of new people, and the information age has unearthed a new wave of influence on investors. Clients are barraged with new stock information, colluding on Reddit around single stocks, or buying in at an inopportune time for Bitcoin. Many investors are convinced they are a meme trade or perfect pick away from getting rich, but in reality single stock picks hurt the average investor.

You might not want to be the one who is a buzzkill on the fun, but creating a tactical plan can help investors see how their portfolio can work for them over years rather than days. An ETF rotation can provide them some of their speculative desires while building in protection. Revisiting this rotation in market cycles or subsector market cycles can benefit you and your client. Don’t let your clients undo years of sage investing advice on single stocks or crypto investments, but rather find deeper investments that target the strategy they are after. 

There's a better way for clients to invest in their view of what the future holds. Positivly makes it possible.

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