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Investors Seek Stars, Literally

Investor funding for space exploration is hitting the upper atmosphere. Space used to be reserved for large spending packages by the world’s biggest governments, but Elon Musk’s SpaceX has slashed rocket costs and investors realize that space is part of their future portfolio. In the last year venture capital has increased to $8.7 billion, which is a 95% increase in the last year. While its mainly private investment looking to the newer companies like SpaceX and OneWeb, SPACs are allowing the public to invest. SPACs have already pledged $7 billion to the sector. From reusable trackers to cheaper satellites, technology is rapidly changing what companies are going to be profitable in space. The Wall Street consensus thinks space is here to stay as large investment banks are moving in, and traditional names like Boeing and Lockheed Martin are other ways investors can get to the final frontier.



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