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What Makes a Financial Personality?

Purpose Investor, illustration of woman flexing


Purpose Investors want to impact the world through Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), as well as faith-based and biblically responsible investing (BRI).

Security Investor, illustration of man under umbrella


Security Investors want to protect their portfolio by investing in assets such as commodities, real estate, and precious metals that can generate steady growth while managing risk.

Touch Investors, illustration of man looking at butterfly


Touch Investors want to take a hands-on approach to their portfolio and build a close relationship with their advisor through frequent communications.

Viewpoint, illustration of woman looking through binoculars


Viewpoint Investors want to test their knowledge of emerging trends that are shaping the future like AI, VR, robotics, cannabis, or in international investments like China- and India-based companies or emerging markets.

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Positivly For Individuals

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With Positivly’s FREE quiz, you can identify your dominant financial personality traits and gain a deeper level of understanding about the types of investments you should think about.

Positivly can even connect you to a like-minded advisor that can match your unique financial personality to your investment portfolio, so you can Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is.

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Positivly For Advisors

Positivly is an AI-driven personalization platform.

We help advisors drive growth of net new assets, particularly from purpose- or viewpoint-driven investors.

We’re here to address the needs of small independent advisors as well as large enterprise advisory firms which need scalable compliance, easy customization, and flows into home office models.

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Positivly For Asset Managers

Next Gen Digital Fund Distribution to Drive Asset Flows

Benefits of Positivly Sponsorship for Asset Managers:

Precision target investors in the right context and in the exact moment of interest

Secure prominent and contextually relevant placement of your fund in advisor proposals and portfolios, financial media and digital marketing

Build measurable market and brand awareness

Gain direct and timely insights in investor trends and interests, particularly for impact and viewpoint investors

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